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The Greatest Lie Humanity has been told

Today I wanted to share with you all what I believe is the biggest lie we’ve been told is the truth, and keep in mind there are MANY things we’ve been lied to about, regarding our divinity, but Im just here to share the biggest one.

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My transformation story

My transformation story starts about 6 years ago, it was January 2013, I was severely depressed, overweight and I had absolutely no hope for the future. I remember I had thought that the world was going to end on December 21st, 2012 like they had been predicting for many years leading up, and then when the world didn’t end like it was supposed to, I found myself hopeless in January 2013 still breathing, still alive but feeling completely lost.

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Do New Year Resolutions work?

For myself, I haven’t set a New Years resolution for many years now, they simply don’t work for me.

However, there is something I do when a New year rolls around, and what I do, is evaluate my life, looking at all the areas that I want to improve, and design a plan that is easily achievable in bite-sized pieces so that I can miss a day or two here or there and not beat myself up for “failing” at my resolution.

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